8/07/2022 Kirsten Sibbit-Johnston, Associate Director

Women’s sport is growing – fast. Revenue across the sector is estimated to grow to £1bn by 2030. However, despite this growth and increasing interest and optimism, women’s sport remains a blue ocean from an investment perceptive – with many revenue streams yet to be activated and all yet to be optimised. Men’s sport, conversely, is congested and premium investment opportunities are harder to come by.

There is a growing appetite for women’s sport demonstrated by recent record breaking attendances – Barcelona Women at the Nou Camp, capital raises – WNBA capital raise of $75m leading to a $1bn valuation, and viewership – 15.1m people in the UK watched women’s sport in the first quarter of 2022.

There has been much written about the opportunity of women’s sport and its growth to date. We believe that now is the time to capitalise, taking a position that guarantees influence over the direction of growth reaping the resulting rewards.

This joint report with BDO outlines how we would approach investing in the sector providing a playbook to identifying and maximising investments in women’s sport. This can also provide a guide for rightsholders working to enhance their value proposition and attract future financial support.

This report discusses:

  • The rise of women’s sport – how the recent development sets the foundation for future growth
  • Optimising growth – the benefits of an ecosystem investment approach
  • Capitalising on an undervalued market – what to look for to identify investable properties
  • Boosting returns by stimulating development – bet practice examples to drive growth.

To find out more about the opportunity to create a positive, lasting impact for the industry and investors, and for the sport more widely, download the full report.


If you would like to discuss this edition of the report further or any wider sector issues, please contact Kirsten Sibbit -Johnston, Associate Director.