The brief:

To provide an Economic, Social and Urban impact study for the 2017 International Specialised Expo (EXPO 2017) which was held in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.  This was the first time a Social and Urban impact study had been commissioned by the BIE.

Our role:

TSC conducted analysis before, during and after EXPO 2017 to capture the myriad of quantitative and qualitative benefits which Astana generated as a result of hosting the event. This included extensive multi-language surveying of over 1500 event attendees, consultations with over 100 local public and private sector stakeholders,  as well as international participants, sponsors and delivery partners.

The result:

Using a comprehensive multi-stakeholder methodology, we published an extensive analysis of the Economic, Social and Urban impact to Astana as a result of hosting EXPO 2017. Through this report, the BIE and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan can clearly evidence the transformational impact the event has had on the city and the legacy benefits generated for the country as a whole.