To define the potential value the ICC could achieve from hosting rights for their portfolio of events over the next 8-year cycle. We worked with two agencies who were focused on broadcast and sponsorship  valuation.


Our methodology for valuing the host rights of the ICC’s events was based on our understanding of how governments and other relevant decision-making stakeholders value events, focussing on the potential economic and media impact the events could deliver. We identified relevant benchmark data and assumptions for each event type and market, looking at metrics captured at cricket and non-sporting events. We created a model that used these inputs to create a projected economic and media impact value for each event in each ICC market and developed a Return on Investment ratio impacts to define the expected level of government investment.


We created a detailed report that captured the current situation for host procurement at the ICC, what the event portfolio for the next 8-year cycle consists of, what value the ICC may be able to realise through a structured, fair and transparent host procurement process, and an outline of how this value may be achieved. We considered the economic and media impact of hosting each ICC event to understand the potential government investment.