The brief:

To develop the strategic roadmap to building the workforce capability that would operate the sport high performance, community participation and adventure tourism assets and services. One of NEOM’s key differentiators is its commitment to embedding sport and active lifestyles into its citizen and tourist offer.


TSC developed a multi-year workforce projection, taking into account the needs of the growing population and the new capital assets that will progressively come online between 2021 and 2030.  In addition, we are developing a workforce capability development roadmap, outlining the sequence of skill development required to meet projected demand and the strategic domestic and international partnerships required to deliver such upskilling.


We have developed a workforce model that projects the requirements for over 50 different job roles spanning high performance, community, adventure and e-sports together with a roadmap for progressive upskilling of the Saudi population.  We also developed organisation and operating model recommendations, based on Saudi specific baselining and international benchmarks, to drive forward the establishment of the NEOM Sport organisation.

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