The brief:

To complete a full review of the global sport and culture events landscape from to inform Copenhagen’s future major event strategy. Wonderful Copenhagen is the official tourism organisation of the capital of Denmark, working to promote and develop both business and leisure tourism.


We worked with Wonderful Copenhagen to define event selection criteria that could then be applied to our long list of 1,500+ sport and culture events. Through a phased filtering process to determine a focused prospects list of c.200 events across both sport and culture, we provided quantitative and qualitative information and insight for a wide range of events.


We created a flexible event evaluation tool, tailored to Copenhagen’s specific event criteria to identify potential events that can deliver for the city. The database is scored and filterable to allow for differing priorities to be accounted for. A final shortlist of sport and culture events was delivered considering all of the data and insight collected during the entire process for further feasibility analysis.

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