The Clipper Race announces its search for Host Port Partners and Sponsors for its 2025-26 edition of one of the world’s most well-known global adventures 

  • Host Port Partners and sponsor brands are invited to express interest   
  • Clipper Race adventure positioning will attract brands and destinations wanting to capitalise on the global rise in adventure tourism 
  • Partnerships generate brand awareness and unique storytelling opportunities 

The Host Port Partner and sponsor bid process is launched and organised by The Sports Consultancy (TSC), whose CEO Angus Buchanan was previously a professional sailor.  

As well as a swathe of experience in sailing, with the America’s Cup, World Sailing, and Oman Sail amongst its previous clientele, TSC is an expert in host procurement and sponsorship rights sales and has undertaken similar projects with the NFL, Volleyball World and Laver Cup in recent months. 

The Clipper Race is foremost a thrilling adventure experience for non-professional sailors who are trained to take on the challenge of becoming ocean racers.  With the adventure tourism market valued at USD483.3B in 2023 and expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.2% from 2024 to 2032 (source: Global Data Insights), there is a large and steady rise in adventure-orientated experiences in the travel and tourism industry, this is a fantastic opportunity for ports and brands to align with Clipper Race.  

The positioning of remote, extreme adventure contrasts the regularity of everyday people taking on an adventure of a lifetime and, with that, brings opportunity to tell human stories and create authentic, gripping content that will engage communities around the world. 

The gargantuan scale of the challenge takes in all six continents in each corner of the globe, with previous ports including Seattle, New York, Cape Town, Bermuda, Punta del Este and Qingdao. 

Clipper Race Head of Partnerships, Tom Adams is looking forward to the process: 

“We have joined forces with The Sports Consultancy as it has a wealth of experience in bringing host cities, brands and rights holders together to deliver meaningful partnerships. This new collaboration has enabled us to refresh our portfolio of opportunities in line with the evolving needs of potential partners. We are confident we have developed an effective platform to engage our partners’ communities and drive growth.”

TSC Director, Fraser Houlder, said: “Clipper Race is unique in that it is a brand synonymous with adventure, but it is also aspirational. With the growth of adventure tourism, this is an opportunity for cities, destination and consumer brands to come into this space. 

“We are delighted to be working with the Clipper Race, to speak with potential Host Port Partners and brands, and the team is raring to go!”

Interested parties for either Host Port Partners or Sponsor brands should in the first instance, contact TSC Consultant, Oliver Ng at oliver.ng@thesportsconsultancy.com for more information.